Climate change is the design challenge of our time.

Submit your vision for an adaptive, resilient, and carbon-neutral future.


Architects play a critical role in addressing both the causes and effects of climate change. Design is the key to producing a built environment that adapts to projected climate impacts, protects inhabitants during unanticipated stresses, and produces no greenhouse gas emissions.

INNOVATION 2030 is the title and theme of the 2017-2018 COTE Top Ten for Students design competition, presented by AIA COTE and ASCA, in special collaboration with Architecture 2030 and Design Intelligence.

Students are invited to submit design projects that meaningfully address the causes of climate change and anticipate its future impacts, well into the second half of this century. The competition will recognize innovative and exemplary designs that satisfy these primary objectives:


Enable continued habitability and rapid recovery after shock events, natural disasters, power or climate interruptions


Research and design for projected climate related impacts, such as increased temperatures, sea level rise, drought, flooding, food scarcity, and population shifts

Energy and Emissions

Design for zero CO2 emissions in building operations and minimal embodied carbon in building materials and construction

INNOVATION 2030 is principally a design-and-ideas competition to address climate change. AIA COTE’s Top Ten Sustainability Measures will serve to inform the design process and guide presentation requirements. Click below for complete information on the competition program, rules, registration, and submissions.

Competition Brief

This year’s competition offers $20,000 in student awards and the opportunity of paid summer internships in leading design firms, and $20,000 in faculty awards and recognition for innovative design instruction.

Internships + Awards

Innovation 2030 Supporters


Competition Jury

Jeanne Gang

Studio Gang

Ted Hyman

ZGF Architects

Thomas Fisher

University of Minnesota

Karin Bjorkman

Nola | Van Puersem Architects

Justin Brown

MASS Design Group